Architect House Plan Designer

We are professionals with 15 years of experience. We strive to make a custom house plan that works for you, in your price range and your style. There are things that a professional may spot immediately and correct automatically while looking at your plans. Contact us for your questions and sketches and we will give you unbiased, personal and professional attention to your design and construction questions.
We will work together with you to make a custom home plan that meets your needs.

Custom House Plan Designer

You want your house plans to include all the great design ideas and layouts you have seen in your life. You know the way it should look in your mind, but when it comes to putting all the pieces together it doesn't seem to work. Contact us to get your custom home plan design drawn properly. We will take your plan and elevation ideas and turn them into your own vision of what you want your home to be. We provide people a chance to work with a House Plan Designer at an affordable rate, taking your ideas and developing them into a complete set of plans that you can give your builder, as well as get your building permit.

A complete set of drawings includes the following:

  • Cover sheet
  • Site plan
  • All floor plans
  • All exterior elevations
  • Electrical plan
  • Wall sections, building section, details
  • Door and window schedule
  • Foundation plan, floor framing plan, roof framing plan
  • Roof plan
Custom Home Plans
A custom home plan usually takes 1 to 2 weeks to make a full set. This includes time for corrections, redraws, and approvals Try to get all of your documents together at the beginning. You will need the site plan and site info, number of rooms you want, photos of houses you have seen that you like, and parts of plans that you wish to incorporate into your home.Why settle for something that's not exactly what you want when you can have a custom home plan made to your specifications.

We offer 3d renderings, animations, and photo realistic computer generated views of your project. Our rates are very competitive and our quality is second to none.

Custom Home Plan Packages

Standard Package: Minimum necessary to get permits in many locations.
1. Foundation plan
2. Floor plans
3. Exterior elevations
4. Electrical plan
5. Wall sections
6. Details
7. Framing plan
8. Roof plan

Professional Package:
All of the plans in the standard package plus:
1. Site plan
2. Interior elevations
3. Kitchen layout
4. Details of special areas, fireplace

Designer Package:
All of the plans in the standard package plus:
1) Three floor plan options to choose from if you have different ideas and are not sure which to do.
2) 3D renderings of the exterior elevation see what your house will look like before you build or remodel (1 view).

Custom Package:
Create your own wish list.

Our finished construction drawings are professionally drawn by our Architects & Engineers.

They are complete, clearly detailed, scaled and in Thai language, ready for getting the permit building and for the builders.

Dimensions are metric unless Imperial measurements (feet & inches) are requested.

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