Stone House and Stone Wall Construction

Seven Reason To Prefer The Stone Construction:


Good building stone can be found anywhere, and besides the stone itself, you'll needing only cement, sand, and gravel . . . plus maybe some steel reinforcement for corners and lintels.


A stone house doesn't take long time to build, your walls went up in just a few weeks.


Stone is durable, fireproof, bug- and vermin proof, and rot-free. Built stone structures will often stand for centuries.


Stone is attractive and maintenance-free. Natural stone comes in so many shapes, sizes, colors, and textures that the final appearance of a rock house is limited only by the builder's imagination, daring, and methodical effort. While our house was constructed rather simply to save time, money, and labor . . .

Another great advantage of "rock living" is that —once your stone house is complete— you can totally forget further maintenance: There'll be no need to repaint, no expensive siding to install, no weather warped boards to repair, no woodpecker holes . . . just the same beautiful, colorful stone year after year.


Stone can be a superior insulator. With the ongoing energy crunch, a lot of folk might object to dense stone because it's not considered a good isolation material. But —at least in moderate climates— rock walls will actually help keep you comfortable . . . as they slowly heat during the day, then radiate warmth through much of a cool evening. The night chilled walls will also cool the structure's interior well into the following day.

In extreme heat or cold, of course, it pays to have some form of additional insulation, but such weatherproofing would be needed in a house built of most any other wall material, as well. And, if you carefully seal all cracks around doors and windows, you can bet no wayward draft will penetrate that foot thick mass of stone and concrete!


Stone is conventionally acceptable...While there are relatively few stone houses around, their long and successful history assures them a general respectability, which —unfortunately— is not as readily given to more offbeat forms of shelter. We'd be among the last folks to advocate being conventional in your selection of a home just to avoid a little bigoted criticism, but there are some definite personal, practical, and economic benefits to social acceptance . . . including the ease with which you're likely to get local code clearance to build your house in the first place!


Stone houses can have enormous resale value. While you laboriously turn that pile of rocks into a very personal dwelling, you may have no intention of ever parting with it. However, one's goals and life circumstances have a way of changing, and—if you do decide to sell—you could well be offered a small fortune for your stone retreat.

As we said earlier, rock houses are comparatively rare (this scarcity is, in itself, a valuable market commodity, and a well-built stone structure is truly beautiful and durable. So — despite the fact that such homes can be built for next to nothing (as house prices go nowadays) — a rock dwelling would likely bring top dollar on the market!


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