About Buriram & Surin

Buriram means a city of happiness. It is located in the Northeast of Thailand, between Nakhorn Ratchasima and Surin Provinces. It is about 400 kilometers from Bangkok.

There are many interesting places here such as Phanom Rung Stone Castle, Muang Tam Stone Castle, Wat Khao Angkarn, Suan Nok Bird Sanctuary and Zoo Park, Ban Hin Dat Rock Fields, the Ban Gruad ancient kilns, and hundreds of sites of former settlements located along the various rivers which flow through the provincial areas.

Phanom Rung Stone Castle is a well-known place in Buriram, located on the top of an extinct volcano. Phanom Rung castle is about 1,000 years old and is the oldest Hindu temple located in Thailand. Its more famous sister structure, the Anghor Wat which is located at Siam Riep in Cambodia, was built more than a hundred years after the Phanom Rung. It was constructed of laterite (a volcanic rock) and pink sand-stone.

Every April (the exact date depends on the lunar calendar) a parade is held in the morning and a spectacular light and sounds festival involving hundreds of actors and actresses is conducted at night. The show depicts the history of Phanom Rung. Phanom Rung castle is the home to the very famous Naraibuntomsin lintel. Another similar structure which is about four kilometers from Phanom Rung is Muang Tam Stone Castle, located on the lower part of the hill. It is also very beautiful place to take photographs.

Wat Khao Angkarn is a temple, first built in the Age of Davaravadee; it was made of basalt stone. There are several mural paintings with descriptions provided in English. You should come to visit and you will learn for yourself how beautiful they are.

In 1679, war broke out between Korat and Narong cities. The King of Siam sent Prince Chakri (who later assumed the name King Rama I-- the first ruler of the Chakri Dynasty which continues to rule Thailand to the present time) to negotiate a settlement between the warring factions. After finishing his job of making peace, Prince Chakri moved his army farther and found a place, which he thought, was very appropriate to become the site of a new town; therefore, he ordered a town to be built there and gave it the name, "Muang Pae". Later, during the reign of King Rama V, the town became known as Buriram.

Buriram is a sizable provincial capital city of the province by the same name, and consisting of 21 districts and 2 sub-districts. There is a growing number of restaurants, shops, tourist attractions, and conveniences. The city of Buriram has a population around 210,000.


Surin Province is located between the Mun River in the north and Dongrek Mountain Chain in the South, and is  an ancient historical province from the Khmer period. This province is world famous for its annual elephant show. Apart from these, there are several ancient Khmer sites that are worth a visit.

Surin province contains two beautiful national forests called the Phanom Sawai National Forest and the Nong Khu National Forest. Phanom Sawai is considered as a sacred place with a natural mixed deciduous forest covering a small mountain. Wat Phanom Sawai temple is located at the top of the mountain. This temple houses the famous Phra Buddha Surinthara Mongkhon, a huge brick-concrete image of Lord Buddha. There are short trekking routes and other recreational activities for the entertainment of tourists visiting these forests.


 Huai Sa-neng reservoir is a popular picnic spot. Adventure lovers can take the pleasure of mountain bike riding and fishing while visitors can relax their souls in these serene environs.  Several bird species such as wagtail, pipit and kingfisher migrate to this reservoir.

There are numerous ancient Khmer sanctuaries present in the region that testify its historical significance. Some of the prominent ones include Prasat Si Khoraphum, Prasat Yai Ngao, Prasat Phumpon, Prasat Ban Prasat Sanctuary, Prasat Ban Phluang and Prasat Ban Phlai. All these structures are built in exemplary Khmer-style of architecture. Apart from these, quite a number of sacred Buddhist temples and shrines are present that are worth a visit. 


Surin province is known for its fine silk and notable silver beads produced in Khwao Sinaring Handicraft Village. This silk is woven with unique patterns. People of Ban Khwao Sinaring and Ban Chok produce beautiful silver ornaments such as belts, necklaces, bracelets, rings and watches that are put on sale.  Bam Bathum village is popular for its rattan baskets.

 Internationally acclaimed Annual Grand Elephant Round Up is held during November where around 100 trained elephants are assembled. In order to have a glimpse of these magnificent beasts, visitors from around the world flock to this place. Capturing elephants, a tug-of-war between elephant and men, an elephant soccer match, elephant dances, a parade, elephants at war, and cultural performances are some of the spectacular events organized during this fair. 


Surin province is 457 kilometers away from Bangkok. Regular bus services and trains are available from Bangkok’s Mochit 2 Bus Terminal and Hua Lamphong Railway Station respectively. Alternatively, tourist can even hire a car from Bangkok to reach Surin.