Factory Warehouse Construction


ESL Group (Construction and Renovation) was founded by a team of professional engineers, with more than 15 years of factory construction and contracting experience, as an alternative for investors who are looking for quality services and reliability. Ever since, ESL Group (Construction and Renovation) has established itself as one of the leaders in turnkey project management. With an in-house staff of professionally licensed engineers, architects and project managers, together with the committed customer service and marketing research departments, ESL Group (Construction and Renovation) continues to work itself up to the customer's expectation and the aim to create a long term relationship and to build trust from valued customers.

As a turnkey project contractor, ESL Group (Construction and Renovation) offers you more with a complete construction package appropriately customized to meet all of the customer's requirements. Our services include consulting services, applying for factory license, providing of utility system, treatment system and other pre-sale and after-sale services within our scope to facilitate your early stages of industrial business development. When you choose ESL Group (Construction and Renovation), you have chosen a first class construction quality and reliable professionalism which, we dare to say, no one could offer you more.


At ESL Group (Construction and Renovation), we strive our best to fulfill the customers' needs, bearing in mind the quality of the finished work and the on time schedule.

We prepare for our customers the cost estimate, as-built drawings and all other construction services. Our construction quality control meets all the requirements of the Municipal Law and the supervising government authorities. And the quality also follows codes of standard of institutes such as ISCM (International Standard of Construction Material), ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers), FM (Factory Mutual), MEA (Metropolitan Electricity Authority), NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), PEA (Provincial Electricity Authority), TIS (Thai Industrial Standard)

To guarantee the clients' satisfaction on the work, we use Quality System to control and develop the quality of the work both during and post construction by the standard of the work as well as the internal administration system.


  • Arranging for BOI application and other applications for Government documents. (Ex. Factory license)
  • Consulting services on plan to set up the factory including Thailand's factory law.
  • Land survey.
  • Factory designs including its utilities i.e. fire protection system, electrical system, clean room system, water treatment plant, building automation system, communication system, and ventilation & air conditioning system.
  • Factory construction including road, water treatment plant, mechanical works and electrical works.
  • Machine installation.

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