Our Standard Building Specifications

We do not compromise on quality and it is important, when making comparisons, that you are precisely aware of the house specification you are building. Armed with this information you can be sure your home will be built to the quality, safety and standards you expect.


Reinforced concrete foundation on prestressed concrete pile I-0.22 not exceed 18.00 m. Length (2 of 9.00 m. connection by welding). Pile top cut – off 0.50 m. before foundation casting procedure for the best quality of work.


1. Pile top cut-off 0.50 to remove pile top which may damaged by pile driving drop hammer.
2. Leveling bottom of foundation by compacted sand and lean concrete (1:3:5) 0.05 m. thk.for prevent any dirt to bottom of foundation.
3. Pile top after cut-off shall higher than lean concrete 0.15- 0.50 m . embed in concrete foundation.
4. Covering of concrete 0.05 m . from steel reinforcement to prevent moisture from the ground.


General concrete floors are precasted concrete plank "PCM" products. Safety imposed for live load 200 Kg/sq.m. (The regulation of Live load for residential areas is 150 kg/sq.m only).


1. We use 'PCM" precasted concrete Plank 3-legs type to release deflection of plank during on concrete toping procedure.
2. Providing the temporary support at mid span for over 4.00 m. span of planks.
3. This type of floor planks convenience to leveling all floor and maintained floor strengthen.
4. Concrete topping 0.04 m. with RB 6 @ 0.20# or wire mesh dia.4 mm. @0.20#.
5. First floor concrete shall with waterproof admixtures to prptect under ground moisture will effect to flooring materials.


For stability and long life concrete structures , Foundations , columns, beams are ready mixed concrete by standard manufacturer. All of roof beams are reinforced concrete.


General formwork are steel forms. Bracings , studs and temporary supports acording to standard specification , such as supporting the bottom form for each beams at least 14 days , Bottom form of beam shall take-off on 7 days and temporary support up to 14 days etc. Formwork shall clean before concrete casting.


Concrete curing is necessary and important for reinforced concrete construction procedures to increase or maintain strength of concrete . Concrete curing method shall cover with plastic sheets or spray with water 2 times per day approximate 3-7 days continuity.


1. Round bar SR24 by "SISCO", "BISW", "GSS" and "BSI".
2. Deformed bar SD30 by "SISCO", "BISW","GSS" and "BSI".
3. Connecting reinforcement bars shall over lap connection as follows.
3.1 Top reinforcing bars at mid span of beams.
3.2 Bottom reinforcing bars at supports of beams.
3.3 Overlap of reinforcing bar at least 50 times of diameter and not less than 0.60 m.


The use of materials play an important role in house building at this time. The economy seale of energy used in the house is intensely considered so the wall is made from light weight concrete brick instead of ordinary brick to reduce and ventilate within the building .There are different size of the light weight brick 7.50 , 10 or 12 cm. thick and so on with different prices. The widely recommended size is 7.50 cm. thick because it costs less but for us-Patum Design we recommend a 10 cm. thick because of a better qualification though you have to pay a little bit more.

1. Light weight concrete block 7.5 cm. thick is recommended for show wall , show column and wall above roof beam.
2. Light weight concrete block 10 cm. thick is recommended for general wall.
3. Instruments and devices use to install the block must comply with the direction of the manufacturer.
4. The installment of the block must be overlap horizontally at least 10 cm.
5. The block attached to the column must be sere wed to 20 cm. Metal Strap.
6. The block must be interlocking at the corner.
7. To install the block , the cement must be coated around the block with no gap.
8. The block must under the window frame.


We provide P.V.C. conduit or steel conduit to wiring works . All control panel and electrical accessories according to Electrical Authority standard and sufficient for your appliances.


Our designed was already located sanitary wares at toilet area.Prepared all water supply , drainage , faucet position etc at same time of concrete work to avoid leakage of water and also we pay attention to select each suitable and standard accessories of sanitary ware for your home in advance.


General material for roof truss , is "Light gauge structural steel" Patum Design Develop Co., ltd. had developed roof truss to high quality . We use "EASY TRUSS " which is Australian technology by BHP steel Lysaght (Thailand) co.,ltd. products. The members of trusses are Zincalume coated and nuts or rivets connecting system. Without any welding to joint of truss. The guarantee 20 years offered.


Plaster of any wall shall follow plastering material products recommendation. Accurate for smooth surfaces , conners , and ready form of outlet positions are need to follows these procedures.

1. Provide wire mesh strip at wall adjacent to R.C. columns beams and conners of frames for door or window.
2. Suitable plastering material for light weight brick only.
3. P.V.C. conner breed more suitable for conner of the wall.


The interior ceiling is a part of interior decoration work so the ceiling must be neatly done so the upper floor or roof structure cannot be seen. As a result , the company specified ceiling with beveled edge gypsum board and some parts-storage room and maid room are aluminum T-Bar . The ceiling help make the house looks near and beautiful . furthermore , the coated metal ceiling structure will prolong the duration of the ceiling though the owner have to pay a little bit more.

1. Gypsum board beveled edge ceiling is good with coated metal thick frame so the frame can endure the weight of the ceiling in the long run.
2. The gypsum board used should be beveled edge.
3. To coat the of the edge of the gypsum board , it must be the same level and a stripe of cloth must be inserted between the board prior to the coating to prevent the crack between the board.


Our company realizes how important the preservation of the environment is so we try to use other materials , especially vinyl , to replace the wood. Vinyl is good for exterior work such as exterior ceiling because it can endure any weather condition. It will not break or bend easily . it is safe from termite , white ant and other insects. At present , the manufacturer of vinyl has developed the production to meet the various need of the users so we have more choices to be chosen to match with house styles and customers’ taste. The ceiling the company chooses are from WINSOR and PANELE. They have good qualification and reasonable price.

1.It should be installed as specified by manufacturer and skillful technician.
2.The ceiling frame should be coated metal to prevent termite and other insects.
3.Purchase products from standardized manufacturer with terms of warranty. 


Heat insulator ELEPHANT BRAND "STAY COOL" is a roll fiber glass insulator 3 and 6 inches thick. It is specially designed for housing purpose. The size is 0.60*4.00meter.STAY COOL is good to put on the ceiling to prevent heat. It also helps economize energy. The installation is quick and easy.

STAY COOL Installation Procedures
1.STAY COOL should be held and moved horizontally by holding both ends of the roll. Don’t pull the bag which cover the roll for it will damage thr roll.
2.Use the cutter to cut the bag to the width of the roll and push the roll forward (as shown in picture) and stir the roll to loosen the tense and then roll it back. Use the tape to stick at both end of the roll.
3.Lay STAY COOL on the ceiling by push forward. If the string holding the ceiling obstructs the roll, cut the roll to go beside the string. During the installation, use a long stick to help push the roll to cover the area. If the roll is torn during the installation ,use the tape or foil to put it together.

1.The ELEPHANT BRAND insulator should stored on a smooth and dry place and the storage floor.
should be elevated 20-30cm.from the ground. The storage house should be roofed and good ventilation.
2.Don't pull the bag which cover the roll by hand for the bag will be torn apart and the insulates roll will be damaged.


PVC is a thermoplastic. It can be produced as a hard or soft material and made for a household use. PVC can be mixed with other substances to meet a quality required so it is wildly used in our daily lives.
A PVC product is now innovated to replace natural materials so it plays an important role in forest conservation-reduce forest depletion. PVC is better than wood because it can endure moisture and fungus cannot be natured within PVC so materials made from PVC can be used in a long term.
Vinyl is a special plastic developed from Unplasticize Poly Vinyl Chloride and can be mixed with other substances to make a high quality product. The qualifications of the mixture are as follow:
1. Vinyl mixed with Titanium Dioxide + Pigment can be exposed to sunlight for a long time.
2. Vinyl mixed with Impact Modifier enhances strength to cope with high impact.
3. Vinyl mixed with Complex Stabilizer can cope with unstable weather condition.
4. Vinyl mixed UV Stabilizer enhancer the exposure to weather condition sunlight and heat.
Vinyl Products
Vinyl can replace natural materials so the manufacturers invents the material to replace
wood in house construction and decoration. Vinyl is safe from termite and white amt. Vinyl can be made to many housing parts such as door, window , ceiling .etc.
Outstanding Qualification
1. Can be exposed to sunlight UV rays and changing weather condition
2. Safe from termite and white ant, not bend swell or decay
3. Rust-proof from sea moisture
Heat insulated and reduce energy consumption


Wooden stair or wooden surface of stair are need to the best valuable of home . DAENG or MAKA wood stair woth meticulous surface sd created selecting


The company pays close attention to the paint used. It must be high quality , long life and hot faded easily so the house will always bright and new. Only 100% acrylic paint is used , though the price is a little higher.
Acrylic 100% Super Shield is used for external painting and Super Shield Dulaclean washable paint of TOA is used for internal painting.

Preliminary work
1. Make a paint list and necessary equipment used for painting and painting procedure prior to painting
2. The painting area must be cleaned before painting and door or window from , door knob switches should be covered with glue tape and removed when the paint dried
3. PVC tube must be rubbed by sandpaper before painting.
4. Follow the directions for the manufacturer 

1. When paint applied to the door or windows frame , the door or window should not be closed or opened before the paint cried .
2. The painting should not be done in the changeable weather.
3. Doors and windows should be opened when paint is applied the house to ventilate the air flows.


Decorated wall or the sapersating shower area partion which finished by ceramic tile , P.V.C. conner breed for tiling work shall provide every conners of walls. For the other decorated wall have to follow practically method according to decoration material.

T&T Construction

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